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Delicious meals

While sitting out the other day with some friends we decided to make a trip around town and see where we can find healthy food because we were just way to lazy for making our own meals, yes we all have such days. Therefore we wanted to fulfill our hunger while we stuck to our… Read More Delicious meals

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New Life…

So a new life…okay some of us feel happy and content with our lifestyle but then there are the rest who are not, but do not want to make a change for themselves, they want to make a change for others, not all of those who want change want it because of others, but a… Read More New Life…


Daily Dose..

A healthy lifestyle is a balance and it’s time to work toward an all-around wellness. Think about wellness as a wheel with each area of your life as a spoke and if one area is smaller than another, the wheel won’t turn, just like your wellness. Overnight success doesn’t happen with wellness, it takes commitment… Read More Daily Dose..