Banana-girl-diet, -20 kg, energized and healthy thyroid gland

Freely known as banana girl believes in diet that involves consuming the same foods and meals they have called mono-meals.

This Australian (34 years old) argues that her success to dropping from 70 to 50 kilograms goes to this regime.

Besides losing 20kg she claims that this regime has paved the face of acne, she is free from chronic fatigue and repaired her thyroid functioning and poor digestion.

Apart from her menu including bananas and pineapples, mangoes, oranges, apricots, etc. She is vegan and does not use anything of animal origin.

It might be difficult to believe but a lot of individuals that are vegan, have great functioning bodies, that are well kept and functioning without a large number of problems f

or the reason that their eating is circled around vitamins, minerals and a lot of good carbs!

Thinking about going vegan??!! yeah i thought so too when I heard about her success story, but I think I will stick to eating meat, can’t help it, but I wanted to post for the reason that we are focusing this month on dieting, eating good carbs, working out and taking care of our bodies, I wanted to let all our readers know that even if your vegan you can still give your body everything it needs to continue a healthy streaK!

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