Fitness trick: Workout less but lose more weight …

Studies show that 30 minutes of daily training equally consumed calories as 60 minutes of sweating. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen done the research and it has been shown that the 30-minute active training may be lost as calories as 60-minute sweating.

Study says respondents who run or ride a bike 30 minutes every day, after three months, losing an average of 3.5 kg, while those who exercised for an hour lose one kilogram less.

“Every training is very beneficial for your physical and mental health,” commented Mads Rozenkilde, who led the study. The research included 60 men from Denmark who matched the description “coarse but healthy.” They all wanted to achieve better shape within three months.

Scientists divided into two groups, one practiced by one hour a day, and in another 30 minutes. It concluded that 30 minutes is spent enough sweat to start melting fat tissues.

“The training was designed to cause sweating slowly but participants expect 3 times a week to increase the intensity. It was found that an hour-long exercise contributes to further weight loss or melting more fat “- explains the researcher Rozenkilde.

It is known that obesity is a major health problem in the modern world. Therefore all doctors worldwide recommend regular physical activity. According to estimates by the British Ministry of Health, every adult needs at least an hour and 15 minutes of physical activity a week, such as running or playing sports. This should be complemented with two hours a week lighter activities such as brisk walking, strolling or similar activities.


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