Monogen -8kg diet for 10 days

Diet with eggs becoming more timely, thanks to the world-famous stars who have successfully reduced overweight exactly with this diet. For his role in the film The Pianist, Brody Adrian reduces 13 kilograms following this regime and adding menu fish and vegetable steam. Allow yourself – eggs!

They are allowed 6 per day (but only maybe) and 150 g piece of fish or chicken white meat as a supplement. Also fresh salads, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, which are recommended to contain parsley and arugula.

Also, do not forget to include in its menu every other day spinach. For 10 days will reduce 8-10 kg.

In the morning you start with two egg whites and tomato salad. Lunch is again 2 egg whites and a piece of white meat or fish, boiled or grilled and fresh salad of cucumbers or lettuce. For dinner two egg whites, spinach steam or other vegetables steam. During the day make sure you bring a lot of fluids, especially green tea.

As you can see in monodentate-based egg carbohydrates and fat are completely excluded and amounts of protein and fiber. Therefore your successful weight loss is guaranteed.

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