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|”What type of bread is best for our health?…white, black, corn, peas?”|

Nowadays there are many types of bread, which vary greatly in composition and nutritional value, but each of them represents a basic living product. In our region mostly eat white bread, which according to estimates of the experts is the worst quality. Bread is primarily a source of carbohydrates that do not provide energy.

It contains a lot of protein and vitamin B1, which is not negligible. Bread should be stored in a cool, dark place, but not at a temperature of -6 to +6 because it dries quickly. You can hear it in the freezer, but before using leave it to defrost at room temperature.

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Black bread:

  • This bread has a very high percentage of phosphorus, but nowadays and does not constitute any advantage, because the food industry is increasingly using phosphates, so this mineral, we are not much needed. The amount of sodium (800mg / 100g) is greater than other species. Compared to the other tested species, the black bread is a real mine of iron and potassium.

White bread:

  • Although this bread is very nice and tasty, according to the content of minerals in the bottom of the table. He is at least sodium, calcium, and phosphorus. This is a favorite bread and can be found in all stores. The most ever sold due to its low price, but today seems as a half of dark bread.


  • This bread once was a food for the poor. Lately, scientists have more praise for his good qualities. Bread from corn flour contains tryptophan and very “special” protein. This type of bread contains relatively little calcium and potassium, but there are a lot of ash. Its drawback is the small amount of fiber.

Half black bread:

  • The half black bread has the same terms of rye and wheat flour, about 40%. He is a favorite eating and phytotherapeutic gladly recommend and will encounter many recipes for healthy food. It contains slightly less carbohydrates than other types, and according to protein content only exceeds “Graham” bread. It belongs to the group of cheap bread.

Rye bread:

  • The content of macro- substances are similar to those in white bread, but it contains more fiber, so the stomach harder to digest than other loaves of bread. Longer stays fresh and less crumbling of white bread and recommended by many who promote healthy eating. It is rich in magnesium, therefore preventing high blood pressure and two times more potassium than white wheat bread. It is rich in vitamins B1 and B2.

“Graham” bread:

  • This bread is very rich in vitamin B1, but there are other good qualities. It contains twice the fiber of your favorite white bread, and there is more protein. During the preparation of this bread nutritious husks and germ of cereals are not destroyed, but remain in the bread. Certainly, deserves all praise, but there is one drawback – it is more expensive than others.

Fiber content (100g)

– black bread 6.8

– white bread 3.9

– half dark bread 5.2

– graham bread 9.8

– rye bread 7.6

– corn bread 2.2

Tips when buying bread:

1. Experiment, try all kinds of bread.

2. Read the declaration of bread and research data.

3. The surface of the bread (coarse, powdery minted) and the color of the bark say a lot about the quality of the bread.

4. Push lock if the bread is fresh.

5. Always buy another type of bread, so your body longer to enjoy the various and varied ingredients and nutrients.

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