With these three exercises you can start melting the fat from the abdomen

Are you ready to put your favorite pants low waist?

Does your “belly” which probably made during the winter, you want to enjoy spring clothes? Do not worry, with a proper diet, plenty of water and these exercises will get rid of “undesirables” remnants of winter.

Begin by standing with your feet apart, the width of shoulders, arms stretched down next to the body (1). Lower the arm down to his knees while the other slowly lift it at. Make sure your back all the time is correctly in a stretched position (2). Practice alternately one and then the other side. To achieve even better and faster results, the hands take small dumbbells (or water bottles of half a liter). Make a total of 50 alternating repetitions.

Take a wider stance with your feet apart, in a bent position. Extend hands them to you (A). The exercise consists of rotating the body in one or the other direction, making sure your hips do not move (B). Make a total of 50 alternating repetitions.

Lying on the floor or on a bench with open arms and legs (A). Raising the shoulders from the floor (or bench), try their hands to touch your toes. When you tap your toes, stay a few seconds in this position and return to the starting (B). Do 15 repetitions.

Do not forget before exercise, to do exercises for movement and then do a set of exercises for stretching and shaping.

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